Irradiance Energy offers you an ideal way to illuminate your outdoor areas to ensure visibility and safety with our Sun-Wizard® systems. The Sun-Wizard® is ideal for gardens, paths, car parks, marinas, play grounds, driveways, retirement villages and caravan parks, foreshores and sensitive wildlife areas or almost anywhere else. The Sun-Wizard® can stand alone or be integrated into a larger system using the SRWF series M2M Wireless Network. Find out how when you talk to our experienced team today. Make the sun work for you when you install a Sun-Wizard® on your property.The light level can be changed to suit your requirements and location enabling the one light head to be installed almost anywhere in the world. A timing facility is also included if you do not require your Sun-Wizard® to run all night. The adoption of the latest technology makes the Sun-Wizard® the best free standing light solution on the market. You will be happy with your choice when you receive the benefits of your Sun-Wizard® every night.
The Sun-Wizard® is an Australian designed and manufactured product and is protected by:

Registered Trade Mark No: 1635473

Certified Innovative Patent No: 2014100975

Sun-Wizard®- Lighting The World Efficiently



Cost Efficient and Money Saving

The Sun-Wizard® is cost effective with a single price installation. No trenching costs or ongoing underground cabling repairs. It saves you money every night. The benefits to the environment don’t stop at the zero carbon emissions during operation. The Sun-Wizard® incorporates fauna friendly designs ensuring the wildlife of the world benefits from the effectiveness of the Sun-Wizard® as much as you will.

 Sun-Wizard™ Brochure:             Download Our Sun-Wizard Brochure

Sun-Wizard ™ Specifications:     Download our Sun-Wizard Specification Sheet


 The Sun-Wizard® SW-16c has been released  after extensive GLOBAL field tests and a successful Innovative Patent Examination and Certification.

  • The new Sun-Wizard® boasts Osram 140Lm/W LED array.
  • Lower LED Forward Voltage to increase autonomy
  • Full Microprocessor control
  • PV / MPPT matched solar charging circuit for maximum energy harvest
  • -40 to +85°C working temperature ( max cell temp 100°c)
  • 12Ah LiFePO4 3.2V battery
  • Conformal coating on PCB
  • 16 Light output settings in 20mA steps to cover almost ALL the world with one light head
  • Light ON timer: Dusk to Dawn operation or up to 8 hrs – ON- in 1 hr steps after dusk
  • The timer enables the use of a brighter output for shorter periods.
  • 7 segment Liquid Crystal Display to monitor output setting and light on timer setting
  • Diagnostic LED indication for:
    • System Charging
    • Charging complete / battery fully charged
    • Battery circuit fuse blown
    • System shut down on Low Voltage Disconnect
  • Battery OFF-ON Switch to enable long storage periods.
  • Solar Panel OFF-ON Switch to ensure correct operation procedure
  • Light control OFF-ON-AUTO Switch
  • 3 minute ON-DELAY on AUTO to prevent phantom switching




 The new REMOTE  SWITCHING SYSTEM  developed initially for National Parks and Wildlife has been successfully installed  in Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory 


Termites are a major problem in many areas including The Northern Territory and Western Australia. The Sun-Wizard® now has an optional Base Assembly and Battery Compartment impregnated with a pesticide Bifenthrin to control the the termite and ant issue that is prevalent in battery compartments and electrical housings


The multiple light head version with the capability of 2,3,4 or 5 light heads on the one pole top gives a massive increase in light output if required, as well as feature lighting for courtyards etc. and the outreach arms are able to be used for wall mounting of the light heads making the complete arrangement multi purpose.

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