Sun-Wizard® SW-16CA Technical Specifications

The Sun-Wizard® SW-16CA utilizes the same Solar Panel, Led PCB, Lithium Ion Cell ( LiFePO4) and light housing as the SW-16C.

Using these common components enables us to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum, reduces storage requirements and keeps all installations symmetrical

  • The SW-16CA is a Stand Alone system
  • The Stand Alone system operates and controls itself without any remote control or connection

The stand alone PCB is identical to the RF PCB apart from the “SRWF Module”. It is supplied with All LED indicators, Jumpers and Push Button Switches

Advantages and Benefits of Digital processing over Analogue:

These advantages will be more evident in the specifications to follow

  • Offer an array of Programmable Parameters:- Can be adjusted in the field to suit conditions or requirements or configured without circuit change
  • Can be easily customised:- Does not require component change or circuit re configuration
  • Provide operational indication:- Either by visual or tied to network systems with real time communication
  • Flexibility
  • No drift with time and temperature:- characteristics of components do not change with change in temperature

Control Circuit Advanced SW-16CA Light:

  • The control circuit is constructed using all commercial grade components and is designed in Australia
  • The control circuit is specifically designed for the Sun-Wizard® to achieve maximum efficiency and provide flexible operating parameters
  • The control circuit design enables one light head to be configured for operation in almost any location world wide and for any application within the lights design capability
  • The design of the circuit is such that the components are operating well below their maximum power capability which ensures the system can operate without the requirement for heat sinks, convection or generated air flow.
  • Tropical conformal coating allows maximum exposure of components to assist in heat transfer if any is generated
  • These design parameters advance the SUN-WIZARD® way beyond “stone age” technology 

Advanced Circuit Specifications: SW-16CA

  • PV/MPPT matched solar charging circuit for maximum energy harvest
  • -40°C to +85°C  working temperature at full component capacity
  • Microprocessor control of on board functions
  • 18 light output settings for total flexibility with push button control
  • Light ON Timer: Provides Dusk To Dawn operation Via push button Switch
  • Dusk ON Timer: Turns the light ON for a set period after Dusk up to 10 hours in 20 x 30min steps Via push button switch
  • Before Dawn Timer: Turns the light ON for a set period before Dawn up to 10 hours in 20 x 30min steps Via push button switch
  • 3 Minute ON delay  in Auto mode to prevent phantom switching



This advanced circuit learns the length of the night and adjusts to the difference between the seasons night length and adjusts the  Dawn settings accordingly


The default setting for the first night is 12 hours and the system may take up to 5 nights to accurately calculate the time of dawn.

  • Switches have been replaced by “JUMPER” plugs to further guard against the possibility of enclosed switch issues.
  • “JUMPERS” can be sealed after setting adding further protection to electrical connections
  • Mode selection Jumper:
    • OFF: Will turn the system mode to OFF but the processor will still run. This mode is only recommended to recharge the cell
    • ON: Will turn the light ON for an indefinite period night and day. Used for testing and demonstration
    • AUTO: Will turn the light ON as per the Timer Settings detailed in the User Manual.
  • Battery Isolation Jumper
  • Solar Panel Isolation Jumper

Visual LED Indicators:

  • Power ON green LED: Illuminates for 2 seconds when powering up the turns off to conserve power.
  • Charging Blue LED:
    • Flashes at 1 second intervals when charging
    • Solid ON when battery is charged
  • LVD Red LED: Low Voltage Disconnect will illuminate when the battery voltage falls below 2.8V
    •  LVD Disconnect removes power to the LED light array to prevent extra low discharge of the battery
  • BLOWN BATTERY CIRCUIT FUSE LED: Illuminates when the fuse is blown. Control Board must be returned to Karmic Lighting Pty Ltd or Irradiance Energy for repairs or replacement
    • The battery circuit is protected by a fuse to comply with lithium battery requirements to prevent thermal runaway

    • Thermal runaway is an issue with poor or uneducated circuit design where a circuit failure may result in the cell or battery discharging beyond its rated value and result in extreme heat or fire and possibly rupture of the cell which may eject battery components.

Numeric Displays:

  • The Advanced control circuit has two numeric displays  side by side. They are configured to indicate:
    • Light Brightness setting
    • Dusk to Dawn function
    • Dusk ON timer
    • Before Dawn ON timer
  • A description of the display settings is outlined in the User Manual

Light output setting and Timer setting Graphs are displayed on the PCB

Trouble Shooting:

A trouble shooting guide is included in the User Manual.