Sun-Wizard® SW-16C Technical Specifications

The Sun-Wizard® is available with three unique circuit configurations

  1. SW-16C: Standard circuit with light output adjust and light ON timer after Dusk
  2. SW-16CA: Advanced circuit with light output adjust and light ON timer after Dusk and before Dawn. This circuit also learns the length of the night to adjust for Summer and Winter differences
  3. SW-16CRF: Advanced circuit with Short Range Wireless Frequency transceiver for Smart Lighting Technology

The SW-16C and SW-16CA are Stand Alone systems that operate and control themselves without any remote control or connection

Solar Panel:

  • The solar panel is constructed using A grade cells and is mounted on a horizontal plane under the Lexan Polycarbonate Dome
  • Under standard test conditions Pmax is ≈4.5W , Vmp is ≈5.8V and Imp is ≈0.78A
  • Each solar panel is tested by the manufacturer and labeled with the specification and serial number

Led PCB:

  • The LED PCB is a circular board 2cm wide with 7mm wide tracks ( heat sink ) and coated with a conformal coating
  • The Leds are Osram 140LmW and are arranged in six clusters of three totaling in 18 leds
  • Light output colour is 5700K
  • The Vf is Typ 3.1V, Min 2.8V which eliminates the requirement for a boost function to keep the working voltage constant if the LiFePO4 cell voltage falls below 3.2V during discharge
  • Operating temperature -40 to +85 deg C, Junction Temp 120 deg C, max operating If 100mA
  • The LED Array is operating at MAX 25% of operating parameters so there will be absolutely no degradation of performance from overheating

Lithium Ion Cell (LiFePO4):

  • The LiFePO4 is a prismatic design 12Ah 3.2V cell
  • Max. Charge voltage…. 3.65V
  • Min. Discharge voltage….2.00V
  • Max. Charge Current….12A
  • Max. Discharge Current….36A
  • Nominal Operating Temp….-20°C to +60°C
  • Max. Temp….100ºC

Advantages and Benefits of Digital processing over Analogue:

  • Offer an array of Programmable Parameters:- Can be adjusted in the field to suit conditions or requirements or configured without circuit change
  • Can be easily customised:- Does not require component change or circuit re configuration
  • Provide operational indication:- Either by visual or tied to network systems with real time communication
  • Flexibility
  • No drift with time and temperature:- characteristics of components do not change with change in temperature

Control Circuit Standard Light:

  • The control circuit is specifically designed for the Sun-Wizard® to achieve maximum efficiency and provide flexible operating parameters
  • The control circuit design enables one light head to be configured for operation in almost any location world wide and for any application within the lights design capability
  • The design of the circuit is such that the components are operating well below their maximum power capability which ensures the system can operate without the requirement for heat sinks, convection or generated air flow.
  • Tropical conformal coating allows maximum exposure of components to assist in heat transfer if any is generated
  • These design parameters advance the SUN-WIZARD® way beyond “stone age” technology 


Standard Circuit Specifications: SW-16C

  • PV/MPPT matched solar charging circuit for maximum energy harvest
  • -40°C to +85°C component working temperature at full component capacity
  • Designed for LiFePO4 charging requirements
  • Microprocessor control of light settings and timer providing on board adjustments
  • 16 light output settings for total flexibility with PUSH BUTTON control
  • Light ON timer: Dusk to Dawn operation or up to 8hrs ON after dusk in 1hr programmable settings with PUSH BUTTON control
  • The timer enables the use of a higher light output for shorter periods
  • 7 segment LCD to indicate light output setting and light ON timer setting
  • 3 minute ON-DELAY in Auto Mode to prevent phantom switching
  • Diagnostic led indication for:
    • System Charging
    • Charging complete / battery fully charged
    • Battery circuit fuse blown
    • Light output shut down on Low Voltage Disconnect
  • Battery circuit fuse to comply with Lithium battery requirements to prevent thermal runaway

    • Thermal Runaway is an issue with poor or uneducated circuit design where a circuit failure may result in the battery or cell discharging beyond its rated value and result in extreme heat or fire and possibly rupture of the battery or cell which may eject battery components.
  • Battery ON-OFF switch to enable long storage periods
  • Solar panel ON-OFF switch to enable correct start up procedure and operational testing
  • Light control OFF-ON-AUTO switch to enable testing procedures and charging of battery without night switching
  • Tropical Conformal coating on the PCB
  • Light output and timer setting graphs printed on the PCB

Trouble Shooting:

A trouble shooting guide is included in the user manual.